Merger Geraedts, Thilot and Lemmen

28 grudnia, 2012

Three well known Dutch suppliers to the mushroom industry, Geraedts Constructions, Thilot Holland and Lemmen Constructiebedrijf will merge on January 1st, 2013, under the name of GTL Europe. The new company will supply a complete product package for growers and composters in the industry, from climate control to machines and construction. Components and turn key […]
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China has halted canned mushroom exports

7 grudnia, 2012

Chinese Inspection and Quarantine Services are reported to have banned all exports of canned mushrooms to the US after a number of shipments were rejected due to pesticide contamination. Dutch mushroom canners have seen a distinct uptick in business as a consequence, but there are concerns that some buyers have simply been put off canned […]
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New commercial manager for Sylvan Netherlands

7 grudnia, 2012

The Sylvan Europe executive board has  announced that the commercial responsibilities of Theo Lauwers are taken over by Bastiaan Schoenmaker per November 1st, 2012. Lauwers  will be focusing on his role as new business development manager for Sylvan Europe, looking for new opportunities and businesses. The new commercial manager, Bastiaan Schoenmaker, has a background in […]
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Who’s Who at the 18th ISMS

17 sierpnia, 2012

The 18th ISMS conference is about to take off in Beijing. When you visit the conference and/or the trade fair, it’s good to know who you can expect there. This is the full list of registrated participants from outside China, updated beginning of August (more participants are expected to join in the last weeks leading […]
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ISMS 2012 fast approaching

15 lipca, 2012

The 18th Congress of the International Society for Mushroom Science (ISMS) will be held from August 26th to 30th, 2012 in Beijing. It promises to be one of the best events in the industry this year. The congress is a regular forum for the world’s mushroom researchers to exchange results and development activities across all […]
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Jan Gielen serving the industry for 25 years

12 lipca, 2012

On the first of July, it was 25 years ago that Jan Gielen started his career as a trainer and instructor on the CCO, the famous Mushroom School in Horst, The Netherlands. During that period he was one of the first specialists in the field of climate computers, with already a lot of experience taken […]
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Dutch supermarket chain C1000 announces move towards Fair Produce mushrooms

25 maja, 2012

The Dutch multiple C1000, one of the leading supermarket outlets in The Netherlands, will gradually  replace all mushrooms in their shelves with Fair Produce mushrooms. The Fair Produce certificate guarantees that mushroom farms and traders work according to good practice in terms of labour and pay staff following Dutch rules and regulations, as opposed  to […]
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Turnover Bonduelle rises by 4,4%

4 maja, 2012

The French Bonduelle Group realised a 4,4% growth in turnover worldwide over the first 3 months of 2012. This is 2% more than in the same period last year. For Europe there was a growth of 3,6%. Growth was most noted in the canning division. This also sprouted off a sincere rise in marketing activities […]
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Okechamp takes 100% ownership of F&F Europe

26 marca, 2012

On March 15th 2012 Okechamp SA finalised the transaction of taking over the remaining 35% of the shares of F&F Europe BV, the Dutch manufacturer of frozen mushrooms. In November 2008, Okechamp SA acquired the controlling interest of 65% of the shares of this company from the former owner, Jothima N.V. “Taking over the full […]
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Paul Smits appointed as Managing Director of Fancom Holding BV

21 marca, 2012

Effective 1 April 2012 Paul Smits will be the new Managing Director for Fancom BV in Panningen. In his new position Paul brings with him extensive experience and knowledge of the agricultural business. The last three years he has been the commercial director for the PigTek group of CTB Inc., where he has been in […]
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