How to advertise in Global Roel Media publications

Advertising in Mushroom Business or one of our other leading publications means reaching the edible mushroom industry worldwide. Since 2001, the magazines have taken the mushroom world by storm. With readers in some 100 countries and an average circulation of 2500 copies, your add will surely catch the attention of decision makers from Canada to the Phillipines, from Poland to Nigeria. All adverts in our publications are specifically related to, and targeted at, the edible mushroom industry. Advertisers range from powerhouses as Christiaens Group, Sylvan, Amycel and Dalsem Mushroom Projects, to farms who are looking for personnel or want to sell machinery. More than 100 advertisers have done business with us since 2010, some 40 do this on a regular basis.

The free responsive website welcomes visitors from 105 countries. It was totally revamped and retooled in 2016. Now you can actually advertise in/on five different media;

  • Vakblad Paddestoelen (in Dutch). Published six times per year.
  • Mushroom Business (international). Published six times per year. Your advert will also appear in our digital copies, for sale in the Mushroom Business Magazine App (available for Android and IOS).
  • Mushroom Business Polskie Wydanie (in Polish). Published four times per year.
  • Free international e-newsletter (has not been published for some time, but will be in 2016).
  • Mushroom Business international website. Most banners have been reserved, but some (smaller type banners) are available.

Contact Roel Dreve ( or 0031 6 236 175 75) for more information on rates, combinations and offers.

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