Workshop on mushrooms as health food

August 26, 2011

The Mushroom Research Development and Training Centre from New Delhi, India, organized a workshop with the title “Mushroom Utilization as Health Food” on the 10th of August in Gurgaon. The workshop focused on the use of several species of mushrooms as health food, nutritional supplement and medicine.

There were 2 sessions and numerous presentations, on the cultivation of specialty mushrooms, nutritional value of mushrooms and medicinal value of mushrooms to name just a few. The speakers were well known mushroom specialists like Dr. BL Dhar and Dr. Manjit Singh, but also medical doctors,  who pointed out the numerous benefits of a mushroom rich diet against heart diseases and cancer. The Delhi Training Centre had invited medical doctors, mushroom growers, executive chefs from surrounding hotels and officers of the department of horticulture from Haryana, the Indian state that surrounds the Delhi capital region. There were also a dozen varieties of specialty mushrooms on display in the hall of the hotel where the workshop took place. The Mushroom Research Development and Training Centre will hold more such workshops in the future.

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