‘Reunion – Recovery – Restart’

December 8, 2023

Zhangzhou in Fujian Province was once again the host city of Chinese Mushroom Days (CMD) on 17-19 November 2023, following a four-year hiatus due to Covid.

For the 17th edition a new venue, the Yuanshan Fliport Hotel, was chosen for the conference and expo, and ‘Reunion – Recovery – Restart’ was the theme for this year’s event.

The organizers, CFNA, reported 1500 delegates and 70 exhibitors. While attendance was lower than usual (before Covid), the vibe was positive with many enthusiastic personal reconnections taking place on the commercial stands and during networking events. International guests included respresentatives and speakers from DMP, Champfood, Sylvan, Havens, Amycel, Pietro Industries, ISMS, Christiaens Group, GTL Europe and Okechamp.

Some highlights included the keynote of Professor Li Yu on the utilization of straw as an alternative substrate for exotic mushrooms, the lecture by ISMS President Greg Seymour on the future of casing and the presentation of Jack Lemmen (GTL) on improving the productivity of Agaricus cultivation with two-handed picking.

Much more on the Chinese Mushroom Days in our report in the upcoming issue of Mushroom Business (no 122 – December).


In the picture, sponsor acknowledgement during the traditional Night of Agaricus bisporus.



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