Opening Upcycling Gemert

September 13, 2016

On Monday, September 12th, Upcycling Gemert, established at the mushroom farm of the Van den Boomen family, was officially opened by the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs Henk Kamp.

Upcycling Gemert has developed a new innovative process, that turns biomass, in this case the Spent Mushroom Compost of the mushroom farm, into heat and fertilizer and fuel. The heat is used for the farm, which saves 200.000 kubic metres of gas per year, but it can also be applied for other companies and homes in the neighbourhood. Furthermore, savings can be achieved on transportcosts for the rest material and the CO2 footprint of the company is considerably limited. At the (mechanical harvest) farm, which produces white button mushrooms, three tunnels have been built by GTL Europe, with spigotfloors and a biofilter, where the SMC is processed.

During a mini conference on 12 September, partners in this project explained this unique process, the way it came about and the way Upcycling Gemert and the Van den Boomen family contribute to a sustainable, circular economy.

Guest of honour Kamp gave praise to the project that creates value for the farm, the industry and the environment, not in the least because the process is economically viable.

In Mushroom Business 79, more on this project.

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