India shows ambition at Mushroom Summit’ 2023

December 22, 2023

The India Mushroom Summit is a new, annual event dedicated to bringing together stakeholders in the mushroom cultivation industry, fostering collaboration, and showcasing innovations. Organized by

Milkyway Technologies Ltd. in partnership with leading educational institutions and industry experts, the summit aims to contribute to the sustainable development of the mushroom sector.

The India Mushroom Summit 2023, a collaborative effort led by Milkyway Technologies Ltd., in

partnership with University of Delhi, and sponsored by Milkyway Spawn, Agro Projects and Zhengzhou Satrise Industry China, was held successfully for the first time from November 20th to 22nd.

This three-day event brought together industry leaders, academics, and professionals, creating a dynamic platform for the exchange of ideas and innovations. The event attracted 225 conference participants and 700 exhibition visitors at Paintal Memorial Golden Jubilee Auditorium of the University of Delhi.

There are many ways in which the Indian mushroom sector can still grow. With the largest national population in the world and with the right investments and ambition, India has the potential to be a big mushroom producer and consumer. See for the full report Mushroom Business no 122 (Dec ’23).


In the picture, from left to right: Bart Aerts (Fancom), Daniel Dajewski (AgroProjects), Vijay Kaw (mushroom consultant), Anurag Saxena (Milky Spawn), Manmohan Malik (Himalaya Food International) and Stuart Whitehall (Nutrigain) at the Summit in Delhi.


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