100 years of Italian Mushroom Growers Association (A.I.F.)

March 3, 2011

The Associazione Italiana Fungicoltori is organising a motorcycle tour to celebrate its 100th anniversary in June this year. It will be the 2nd mushroom motor bike ride in Italy.

The ride arrives in Verona on Thursday the 23rd of June, and the celebration of the centennial of the A.I.F. will be on Friday the 24th. The ride starts off in Montebelluna on Saturday the 18th of June and will lead the participants through the beautiful Italian countryside, including Parma and Bagno di Romagna, and will cross the Dolomites, Tuscany and Cinque Terrre. The tour will be in 6 stages with a total of 1970 km.

For more information and a subscription contact:
Mr Giorgio Grespan
Associazione Italiana Fungicoltori
Via Torricelli 71/a
37136 Verona
Tel. + 39 045952058
Fax  + 39 045954488

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