Soft compost

At the moment we are generally dealing with soft to very soft compost This applies to all phases: Phases 1 2 and 3 are traditionally soft at this time of year, a quality reinforced by the very erratic straw quality in the harvest year 2004. It’s important to pay attention to a number of aspects with this type of compost.

– Ensure there is enough oxygen flow in the compost at all times.

– Fill the compost loosely in the beds.

– Avoid compacting and shutting off the compost (be careful with plastic sheeting heavy casing soil excessive water in the compost!).

– Prevent mechanical damage to the compost as much as possible Pay attention with ie hauling winches spreading belts head filling machine and suchlike.

This situation is set to change as more new straw is included in the compost. In the Netherlands this will be first introduced into the compost via horse manure There are mixed expectations concerning the new straw and its influence on compost quality The cold and wet August in many parts of Europe means it depends on where the straw was harvested and even on which day!


By John Peeters, C point

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