Any form of change introduced on a farm should result in a positive effect on the crop, the picking performance or the quality percentage. Irrespective of whether the company harvests mechanically or manually.

To be able to quantify change, you need a clear picture of the current situation. Registration is therefore essential to be able to assess the effects of change. Taking the time to critically analyse current working practice combined with data gleaned from registration, is the foundation for optimal results.

When any changes are introduced, it’s advisable to estimate how long the transitional period should last. The costs involved should not outweigh the benefits. Registration is essential – but interpreting the data is equally important. The same applies to the picking performance of the team. The place in the growing room the first second or third flush hydraulic picking trolleys etc.

A flood of information is overwhelming, but a trickle of information means no progression – which is the same as regression.

Marc Maas, C point

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