Coarseness casing soil

The coarseness of the casing soil laid over the compost after filling and/or casing plays an important role in the amount of mycelium in the casing soil and its quality. For constant good moisture management and to be able to spray more moisture over the casing soil after the first and second flush its important that there are enough black patches in the casing soil that can still absorb moisture. Casing soil is a natural product and therefore differs widely in moisture content structure moisture absorption capacity etc. All the methods that can be used to influence the quality of casing soil should be utilised. This includes wetting the casing soil when it’s unloaded as a loose pile breaking up large lumps on the supply belt controlling the amount of casing soil in the dosing chain intensive or less intensive treatment using the cac and levelling axle by rotating it faster or slower avoiding plastering the casing soil during handling less or more cac-ing lighter or heavier compacting of the casing soil surface with a pressure roller.  

Keep alert critically examine processes and always aim for the best.

Jos Hilkens, AdVisie ‘The mushroom cultivation advisors’

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