Adjusting CO2 limits
Yield third flush
Wise ways with water
What is hygienic?
Watery stipe
Watering mushrooms
Watering compost
Water stains versus bacterial blotch
Water or waste collection?
Water for the second flush
Virus X, mysterious symptoms
Trouble getting rid of bubble
Third flush
They’re growing too fast
The war on insects
The knife cuts both ways
Supervising new personnel
Sticky compost
Spreading the second flush
Spawn varieties
Soft rot
Soft compost
Slow growers
Second flush chestnut mushrooms
Rich fertilizer, poor grower
Restricting return air
Reducing the number of fruit bodies
Raising the percentage of quality 1
Quality of the second flush
Quality mushrooms on phase III compost
Plaster moulds
Mycelium growth during blow down
Mycelium growth
Moisture content inlet air
Moisture balance
Lock up!
Long stem
Leached casing soil
Laying casing soil
Lack of moisture
Kilos or quality?
Keep activity in third flushes
Inactive compost
Hygiene, the weakest link
Harvesting with limited spread
Harvest registration
Harvest and hygiene
Green mould
Graze picking worth the effort
Goody water, vital juice
Fresh, fast and safe
Fresh air and CO2
Frequent daily harvest
Formalin and green mould
For richer and poorer
Filling speed
Filling quality along bed edges
Filling depth and quality
Evaporation problems
Evaporation as point of departure
Dose or overdose
Disrupted planning
Discolouration in the winter
Delayed growth
Crop registration
Correct RH no guarantee
Cooling in tunnels
Controlling pinhead numbers
Controlling chestnut pinhead numbers
Control flies quickly and effectively
Compost structure and nutrients
Control compost temperature during recovery
Compost temperature
Compost sensors
Compost activity
Compost activity
Coarseness casing soil
Checking measuring equipment
Casing soil and spreading flushes
Casing soil and spread
Casing soil and filling
Casing and water
Care with supplements
Bubble, a recurring problem
Bacterial blotch and spraying
Bacterial blotch
Bacterial blotch
Ash content in compost
Air spread and air movement

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