Use of infor se of information, data protection and Internet privacy 
Mushroombusiness strives to guarantee the personal privacy of the visitors to its website as much as possible. The security of the information which is transferred via the Internet can however not be guaranteed. In the paragraphs below, you will find a general description of the type of information that is collected on the Mushroombusiness websites and how this information is used by Mushroombusiness.

Personal data
Mushroombusiness collects and processes personal data, including name, address, telephone number, e-mail address or other information exclusively as this is voluntarily submitted to Mushroombusiness via its website. Mushroombusiness or companies with which Mushroombusiness collaborates, process the personal data which you have provided in order to improve the level of service and the contents of the website, for example, to update the material on our website, to provide you with information you specifically request, to ask your opinion regarding our services, or in general for internal use.

In accordance with the prevailing legislation concerning the protection of personal data (in the Netherlands, this is the Personal Data Protection Act), you may be entitled to receive a statement from Mushroombusiness (the responsible person) of the data which we have registered for you, and to ensure that any inaccuracies in these data are corrected.

Other data
In addition, for the purposes of internal management and statistics, Mushroombusiness may also process information which may not be traced to individual persons, such as the number of visits to our websites, the number of visitors to each of the pages on our websites and the IP addresses of the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) of our visitors. We use this information, which will remain anonymous, in order to gain insight into the way in which our visitors use our websites so that we may improve these websites. We may also share this information with other Mushroombusiness companies. WE DO NOT RELEASE PERSONAL DATA TO THIRD PARTIES IN THE PROCESS.

The use of IP addresses
An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a group of numbers which are automatically assigned to your computer each time you log in to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or via the local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN) of your organisation. Web servers identify your computer automatically on the basis of this IP address which was assigned to you while you were online.

Mushroombusiness can collect IP addresses for its system administration and to use to monitor our websites. Normally we do not link a user’s IP address to the information which may be traced to a specific user. This means that every visit from a user is registered, but that this user remains anonymous to us. However, we can use IP addresses for identification purposes regarding users of our site if we consider this necessary in order to enforce compliance with the conditions which apply to the use of our website or to protect our service, our site or other users.

Links to other websites
As a service to our users Mushroombusiness websites may contain links to other websites of Mushroombusiness as well as to websites of third parties, over which Mushroombusiness exercises no control. The privacy policy described here is not applicable to these sites. USERS SHOULD ALWAYS CHECK WHICH RIGHTS, TERMS OF USE AND PRIVACY POLICIES APPLY TO THESE SITES.

Mushroombusiness can install a “cookie” on the hard drive of your computer. Cookies are small text files which provide us with information about the number of times someone visits our site and what he or she does during these visits. Cookies themselves do not contain any personal data, however if you provide us with this type of information, for example by registering with us, then these personal data may be linked to the data stored in the cookie.

Mushroombusiness works with secure data networks which are protected through firewall and password protection. Mushroombusiness takes appropriate measures to protect your personal data. In order to do so, Mushroombusiness has implemented security measures in an attempt to offer protection from the loss, abuse and modification of your user details which are in our possession. Notwithstanding the exceptions below, only authorised employees have access to the information with which you provide us. Moreover, strict rules apply to the employees of Mushroombusiness who have access to the databases which store user information or to the servers which host our services. Although we cannot guarantee that loss, abuse or modification of your data will not occur, we do everything reasonably possible to prevent it from happening.

Sharing personal data with third parties
Mushroombusiness shall not sell or lease personal data to third parties for any purpose whatsoever. However, Mushroombusiness may decide to release your personal data to third parties under the following circumstances:  On some occasions, Mushroombusiness engages third parties which it selects carefully to provide it with supporting services for its websites. Mushroombusiness may lend these parties access to your personal data from time to time in order to allow them to provide the services required to Mushroombusiness. Mushroombusiness assure you that all of the companies which provide these supporting services are required by Mushroombusiness to satisfy the same high standards when it comes to the protection of personal data;
should we have reason to believe that the divulging of personal data is necessary in order to identify, contact, or to initiate legal proceedings against a particular person who is inflicting damage, has inflicted damage or threatens to inflict damage upon Mushroombusiness, or otherwise violates or threatens to violate the rights of Mushroombusiness or in the event someone has acted wrongfully towards you or third parties; or
when the law requires it or upon the request of the police and/or the judicial authorities in connection with an investigation of a crime or by civil or administrative organisations in connection with a pending civil case or an administrative investigation, all of this in conformity with the law.

Mushroombusiness may change its privacy policy as it deems necessary. All changes in this privacy policy will be announced forthwith via this page. Should you have questions regarding our privacy policy, you may contact us via mailto: You may request a copy of the information that we have regarding your personal data or you may, at all times, withdraw the permission which you granted to us to use your information for the purposes described above by contacting us at

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