New start for Eurosubstrat

January 9, 2024

Since the beginning of January, substrate producer Eurosubstrat in Callac, Brittany, France, has new management and a new controlling financial stakeholder, Breizh Rebond Holding.

Since April 1995, Eurosubstrat specializes in the production of organic substrate to grow edible Specialty lignivorous fungi, such as oyster mushrooms, shiitake and Pleurotus eryngii (see a report on this company in Mushroom Business 54).

The company, employing up to 19 people, grossed €5.2M in 2022 of which 60% originated in France and 40% internationally (Italy, Spain, England, etc.), principally from mushroom producers. With the departure of the previous head of the company who had been in place for six years, the new leadership wants to take the next steps in this niche market, according to a press release, stating that the company has a huge potential for development. Mushroom sales are projected to grow by over 9.5% annually through the year 2030 in Europe alone.

For Breizh Rebond, the objective is clear; “A niche market in full bloom that has few competitors, technical sophistication, experienced teams: all these ingredients together propel the company on a new course and allow it to flourish and meet its full potential. For that, the company needs to structure itself. It also needs investment and modernization.These objectives will be the primary focus of this partnership,” emphasizes Xavier Lépine, the president of Breizh Rebond.

Marie-Laure Jarry, whose professional life has been dedicated to the food industry, is now President of Eurosubstrat: “France consumes 90,000 tonnes of mushrooms per year and only produces 40,000. It is regarding this food security that is therefore the question. How do we make this value chain sustainable? By being a driver of the sector. I believe in regional capitalism! As far as fungiculture is concerned, it’s a sector that has been insufficiently explored. Mushrooms are of course a food source, but their uses go beyond that: the pharmaceutical industry, the luxury industry and even the building trades are interested in them as innovative and environmentally responsible alternatives to ‘traditional’ materials.”

Breisz Rebond was established in 2021 and aims to support Breton companies by providing capital and consultation to enable them to regroup and take the next steps in the development of their endeavors.

In the picture: Marie-Laure Jarry, President of Eurosubstrat.


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