Mush Comb moves

March 13, 2014

Mush Comb is moving to a new location in The Netherlands. The new production facility is currently built (see picture) and will be in operation on 1st of April, the new office will be in operation on 1st of July.

Bob Holtermans: “Since the start of making new machinery we have seen a steady growth and good development of our company. About 1,5 year ago we started looking for a new location because the current production facility was outdated and simply too small for the current production volume. So I’m pleased that we are able to make this step forward. This new location will include a bigger production facility with the latest energy savings. Including a new office building where we will be happy to receive our customers.”

The new location – Nijverheidsstraat 2A, 5961PJ Horst – is only 2 km away from the current location, in the industrial area of Horst.


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