IWEMM 5 in China

June 22, 2007

According to The 4th International Workshop of Edible Mycorrhizal Mushrooms in Spain (IWEMM4) in 2005, …

According to The 4th International Workshop of Edible Mycorrhizal Mushrooms in Spain (IWEMM4) in 2005, The 5th International Workshop of Edible Mycorrhizal Mushrooms will be held in Chuxiong city of Yunna Province of China, 26-29 August 2007. All aspects of the science of edible ectomycorrhizal mushrooms will be covered in the workshop.  Considerable time will also be devoted to the trade and cultivation of EEMM which we anticipate will be of benefit to the economic development of the region. The end of August is the mushroom season. Hundreds of edible ectomycorrhizal mushrooms including matsutake and porcini will be fruiting in the local forests and on sale in the local markets.  Post conference field trips are being organised to see the unique flora, fauna, scenery and rich local cultures of Yunnan.

This is the first time for the IWEMM is held in a developing country. The last four IWEMMs were held in Sweden (1988), New Zealand(2001), Canada (2003) and Spain (2005) respectively. ChuxiongCity is the capital of Chuxiong Yi Nationality Autonomous Prefecture, the home of the Yi people. This small city of 150,000 people is located in the centre of YunnanProvince. It is one of the province’s most important producer and trader of edible mycorrhizal mushrooms. The equitable climate, fine services and facilities, excellent environment and the warm-hearted Yi people with their rich culture will create a good atmosphere for the meeting.

Up to now more than a hundred scientists, students and others representing more than twenty countries from five continents have been registered. We are sure that this Workshop will be enjoyable and memorable for everyone!

The Organizing Committee invites you to attend the Fifth International Workshop on Edible Ectomycorrhizal Mushrooms (IWEMM5). If you want to know more about the IWEMM5 please visit: www.IWEMM5.com.

Prof. Wang Yun, Chairperson of the Organizing Committee

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