Havens finishes new production facilities

July 22, 2010

After installing a new conditioning-unit in 2009, Havens-MCSubstradd now have expanded that line with new riping and conditioning silos. In the same time, the overall capacity of the plant has improved.

“More and more, our customers demand innovative products with the best slow-release effect. We are convinced this in another step in optimising the extra + 30%-yield we target”, says Wim Joosten, international sales-representative.

In order to improve the quality of MCSubstradd-supplements furthermore, HAVENS–research has developed a new extra product-coating under the name of ECO-PRO.
Havens claim that ECO-PRO is an organic, 100% natural, slow-release agent, that fortifies the slow-release action of all MCSubstradd-supplements.
ECO-PRO has been developed thanks to EC-innovation-subsidies and has been tested during several field-trials. Havens says that ECO-PRO-coated supplements are less dusty, offer a better distribution and give an extra yield-increase of some 3-5%.

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