Amycel settles patent infringement lawsuit

May 9, 2020

On the 15th of January 2020, spawn producer Amycel, Inc. filed a lawsuit against Hollander Spawn and Italspawn in The Hague District Court, the Netherlands for infringement by Hollander Spawn and Italspawn’s FB29 brown mushroom strain of Amycel’s European Patent EP 1 993 350 B2 in certain European states. The lawsuit was intended to protect Amycel’s own Heirloom strain.

After Amycel filed the patent infringement proceedings, Hollander and Italspawn immediately ceased the manufacture, sale and delivery of the FB29 strain. The three companies thereupon agreed to settle the infringement proceedings and Amycel has terminated the proceedings. As part of this out of court settlement Hollander and Italspawn agreed to a cash payment and to cease and desist the manufacture, sale and otherwise trade in the FB29 strain, and any other mushroom strain falling within the scope of Amycel’s patent.

“Amycel is satisfied that Hollander and Italspawn decided to promptly cease their trade in the FB29 strain following our lawsuit, and is satisfied with the terms of the subsequent settlement, which terminates the legal action Amycel took to protect its technology”, says Kyon Kazemi, Amycel’s Vice President of Biotechnology.

Photo: Heirloom on bed.

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