The war on insects

Insects. particularly the mushroom phorid (Megaselia helterata) and the mushroom sciarid (Lycoriidae auripila) cause huge problems in mushroom cultivation. The biggest problem isn’t actual damage to the crop, but that they act as vectors for other diseases such as verticillium mycogone cladobotryum and carry them from one growing room to another. What is the answer? 

Many growers combat insects with chemical pesticides. Chemical agents are only effective if the growing rooms are well sealed. There must be absolutely no gaps or crevices in the room. Even an opening of one square centimetre is an open invitation for insects.

Applying a layer of coating will seal any openings in doors and walls and all vulnerable areas like joints. Gaps often occur along the doorway. Make sure the doors are hung correctly and use rubbers for a tight fit. The air blown into the growing room must be filtered through a VariCel or other filter bag. Insects often spread via the sewers and drains. Using an air trap in the drains can help here.

Finally inspect the climate installation carefully. These use under pressure which sucks insects towards the system. The flexible joints near fans are liable to crack and tear so check regularly and replace in time to limit damage.

Mark den Ouden,
C point

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