Slow growers

It happens too often that growth is too slow, so the first picking day of the 1st flush is delayed for a couple of days, with a disruptive effect on sales and organisation on the farm. This delay may have various causes. Delayed growth is indicative of a process that isn’t running smoothly. As well as a too high compost pH, which then appears too dark at casing, inactive compost may also be the culprit. Filling errors such as over compacted casing soil, or a bad spraying pattern can also be the cause, or even damaged mycelium when filling phase 3 compost and during ruffling.

A positive influence can be introduced during the final spraying cycle before blow down. Try not to spray too late if growth is delayed. Pay attention during colonization of the compost that enough water is sprayed to supply the growing mushrooms. Another tip is not to cool the compost below 20 degrees Celsius during blow down, to keep activity for as long as possible.

Jos Buth, C point

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