Moisture content inlet air

C point in collaboration with Gicom have developed a way to measure and control the moisture content of inlet air in the framework of a multi-year energy plan project. The method has been released to other suppliers of climate computers. Controlling the RH (or moisture deficit) differences in the growing room based on the air inlet moisture content ensures two-stage control which prevents the effects of lag. As humidifying and dehumidifying are adjusted based directly on the air inlet moisture content climate differences will be smaller. This means that less heating and cooling is required thereby achieving energy savings of around 5 %.

Currently the air inlet moisture content can be measured on most climate computer systems (and in some cases also controlled). By comparing the air inlet moisture content to the content in the growing room it’s simple to indicate if moisture is being extracted. In other words, despite a high RH(or moisture deficit) value in the growing room evaporation will be taking place if the moisture content of the air inlet air is lower than that of the room air. Measuring the air inlet moisture content makes this visible for the first time. Stagnating growth can therefore be compensated for in time.


Jan Gielen, specialist climate & energy, C point

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