Lock up!

On many farms its not usual practice to lock the working areas. If a salesman lorry driver neighbours or in fact any random individual comes in asking for directions to find no one present, what’s to stop him/her coming back at another time to collect those handy scales? But even assuming that every one has honest intentions if visitors go and look for someone, they stroll through the whole building and may even open a growing room door where the light is on without even considering the eventual risk of infection. Maybe the neighbour pops in on a Friday evening to ask something and unthinkingly opens a door where disinfection has just taken place.

All examples of situations that can easily be avoided. The solution is simply a lock on the door and a doorbell. These straightforward measures mean you can keep unwanted visitors outside the premises. And people who are welcome don’t have to trail through the entire building. Displaying the hygiene regulations (EurepGAP) next to the door also helps. Anyone waiting for the door to be opened will automatically read through the list. A special lock can also be used which only allows authorised employees access.

Just simply locking up has a multitude of advantages!


Mark den Ouden, C point

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