Filling quality along bed edges

Less compost is often filled along the edges of the beds. The compost temperature at the outer edges of the bed is already considerably lower than in the middle. If the filling weight along the edge is less, this temperature difference will only increase and fewer or no mushrooms will develop along the edges of the bed. Black patches also occur as little or no compost is included as cac-ing material. In the first flushes this can all add up to a reduction in yield of up to 05 kg/m2. Additionally less or no mushrooms are harvested from the outer 5 centimetres of the bed where the picking performance is the highest.

A continuously well-filled supply of compost ensuring there is a thick enough layer of compost along the sides is a pre-condition for good results. If this doesn’t help, then try bending or partially grinding away the outer 10 to 12 centimetres of the dosing chain, so more compost is spread towards the edges. Filling slightly wider than the breadth of the beds is only possible if the edging planks of the head filler push the compost inwards a little during transport to the bed. Correctly adjusting the filling equipment is important here to avoid unnecessary losses.

Jos Hilens, AdVisie ‘The mushroom cultivation advisors’

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