Delayed growth

Delayed growth is a problem seen every so often. It occurs relatively unnoticed so many growers react too late. The cause can often be traced to damaged mycelium. This can happen when incubated compost is filled but also if the cac-ing compost is damaged and if casing soil is ruffled too intensively.

Starting with the first in the list hauling winches or rotating rods in the transport vehicles can cause the damage. Pay attention to the resistance created by the pressure placed on the compost.

Maybe the compost is pressed too tightly against the rods. In this case lower the speed at which the compost is discharged. There might be too much casing soil in front of the levelling rods during filling – this can damage the cac-cing compost. When ruffling too little space around the ruffling rod will lead to the well-known coffee grinder effect. Another cause can be a ruffling rod that rotates faster than the speed of the ruffling machine Before you know it you are faced with a 24-hour delay in blow down.


Jos Buth, C point

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