Sylvan Workshop in Hungary

11 listopada, 2016

Spawn producer Sylvan held a workshop for modern mushroom farm growers in Hungary at the end of October.

The topic ‘How to maximise the yield of Sylvan A15 by measuring evaporation’ was presented to 18 participants from Hungary and Romania by well known mushroom growing consultant Harry Hesen from Sylvan Holland.

Hesen: “Measuring evaporation and the vapour in the growing room is a good tool to overview the energy discharge during mushroom production and the measurements can help improve the yield and mushroom quality.”

The workshop received a lot of positive feedback and there were a lot of questions from the growers.

Due to the success of this workshop, Sylvan Hungary has decided to repeat it for other growers in the region and will organise future workshops on other topics related to Agaricus and Pleurotus production.

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