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8 maja, 2008

After seven years of business in used machinery, shelving and equipment for the mushroom industry Dutch Mushroom Equipment has started a new activity, the delivery of new equipment for the mushroom industry. For these activities DME have started a new branch: Dutch Mushroom Engineering BVBA, located in Belgium.

Dutch Mushroom Engineering BVBA incorporates the engineering and supervision of construction projects. On request know-how and technical drawings are delivered and together with the customer a decision will be made what should be manufactured locally or what should be delivered from the company.

DME offer a possibility to make a mix of new and used equipment.

The new activities include the production and installation of humidification systems for phase 3 tunnels, new climate installations for phase 1, 2, 3 composting and growing rooms, new machinery and shelving and cooling equipment.

Johan Withagen, director of DME, explains the new direction of the company: “We are currently looking at a market where used machinery and equipment is getting scarce. Especially emptying conveyors are more and more difficult to obtain on the second hand market. Our customers are looking more and more for overall solutions for their farms, and they like to deal with one partner. Therefore we have extended our product range. I would like to emphasize that we build those machines ourselves. We are currently manufacturing emptying conveyors and pulling winches, as well as climate units. If necessary we visit our customers and try to work out an overall solution for their needs, with used equipment but also new material”.

Dutch Mushroom Equipment BV is still located in Broekhuizenvorst, the Netherlands, and can be contacted on telephone number +31 (0) 774631468. Dutch Mushroom Engineering BVBA will be located in Belgium, and can be contacted on +32 (0) 89462546. You can also look at


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