#94 – MAY 2019

First British Mushroom Conference in 5 years

Like father, like son (Van Asseldonk farm)

A new peat substitute?

ISMS Column Johan Baars

Mycelium applications

Vietnam: big potential for mushroom growing

Efficacy of nematodes when using phase III

Floorplan Dutch Mushroom Days 2019

Programme Dutch Mushroom Days 2019

Previews Dutch Mushroom Days 2019:

Next step in Fancom control

Tilting toward the future (Christiaens Group)

‘Optimising the back office’ (Limbraco International)

News from Sylvan

New direction (Mush Comb)

Keeping pace with progress (Mertens)

Shifting up a gear (CNC)

Increased visibility (RibbStyle)

The digital growing assistant is here (Delphy)

GTL Europe

Out and About: Swimming pool in the tunnel!

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