World mushroom conference 2024 in Xuchang

Satrise organises the '2024 world mushroom conference’ in Xuchang, Henan, China, from 16 to 25 April, 2024. The European Society of Specialty Mushroom Industry (ESSMI) will plan an excursion to Zhengzhou Satrise Industrial Co., Ltd, a Chinese supplier integrating consulting, planning, design, construction and investments in the mushroom industry.

The program opens with a conference on 16-17 April, with subjects like the global and Chinese development of the edible fungus industry, cultivation of different varieties, and technology. The conference is followed up by company visits (shiitake, black fungus, oyster mushroom, shimeji, morel etc) in the region, from 18 to 25 April. The program will bring visitors up to date on Chinese mushroom cultivation and development of the industry.

Contact Mike (Satrise): or Evelin (ESSMI):, to join the excursion and visit the conference.

A report on the conference and company visits will be published in Mushroom Business no 124 (May).



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