Polish Mushroom Days 2007

The 13th Mushroom Days took place in Sielinko/Wielichowo on 25-27 May 2007. The theme was ‘Polish mushrooms on Polish tables’.
The traditional trade fair was organised at Sielinko and a major promotion event was held at the stadium in Wielichowo on Saturday and Sunday. Numerous consumers and future consumers were informed about the advantages of mushroom products. They could also try various dishes based on mushrooms.
On Sunday the representatives of the mushroom sector attended a Mass after which they marched in a colourful parade to the stadium. The Trade Days were attended by about 1800 participants from Poland and 14 other European countries, as well as from the USA.
A full report is published in Mushroom Business 23 and Polish Edition 3.

44 photos are included in the following series. They were taken by Spyra, Mushroom Business and C point.

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