Hessische Pilztage, November 2006

The annual ‘Hessische Pilztage’ was held this year in the Dutch province of Limburg. The HLP (Hessische Landesfachgruppe Pilzanbau) is a German association for professional mushroom growers. Growers of lignivorous mushrooms in particular are members . Each year, the driving force behind the HLP, Ulrich Groos, chooses an interesting location and activity, and this year his eye was caught by Substraatbedrijf Horst, producers of substrates for lignivorous mushrooms, and John Verbruggens company, where these substrates are prepared.

A report on the Hessische Pilztage by Magda Verfaillie was published in Mushroom Business nr. 20. Here is the complete photo series.

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