Hessische Pilztage 2022

On 25 and 26 October, 2022, the Hessische Pilztage 2022 will be organised in the Fletcher Hotel in Uden, The Netherlands.

The conference will start at 1400 hrs on the 25th with lectures by Arnold van Liempt (FloriLed), Dr Urbain (Vitamin-D), Dr Baars (research), Natalie Rangno (substrate), Dr Saeidi (building with mycelium), Aleksandra Jarczok (Mycolabs) and Frank Nouwens (BeefyGreen BV). After dinner (1700), the members will meet and everyone can enjoy a nice evening together.

On the 26th, guests and members will leave the hotel at 0800 to visit VEME Specials BV in Gemert and Verbruggen Paddestoelen BV in Uden. Lunch will be served in the Fletcher Hotel again, 1230-1330.

From 1400, another round of lectures will be presented by Jürgen Kynast, Job van de Commert (VEME), Patrick Romanens (substrate selectivity), Dr Albert (substrate bacteria) and Peter Aerts and Theo Kempen (AEM climatisation). The conference ends at 1700.


For information: Jürgen Kynast: + 49 15751470598, info@Pilzbau.de


Location: Fletcher Hotel, Uden
Datum: 25/10/2022 tot 26/10/2022

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