Mycelia Academy Group training substrate & woodfungi production

This inhouse training in Mycelia’s premises (Deinze, Belgium) is meant for beginning as well as experienced growers of lignicolous mushrooms.  The aim is to gain an understanding of the production process, to prevent loss of energy and invested money. Our introduction to microbiology will help you to correctly analyze all process steps, while concluding that strict hygiene is the key to success. We will study all aspects of the preparation, hygienization, inoculation and incubation phases of substrates, as well as of the subsequent fruiting phase. We plan a visit to a professional grower, with whom you will discuss the daily challenges. FOR WHO IS INTERESTED IN MYCOMATERIALS: in this edition we will include half a day of presentations and discussions on Mycomaterials, headed by Dr. Mitchell Jones.


For more info: Mycelia Academy

Location: Veldeken 27 Deinze
Datum: 25/09/2023 tot 29/09/2023

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